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Liemers College

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  • We ask you to share not only the results, but also the learning process of how you discussed, planned, divided tasks etc..in your own group. 


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Welcome to our school! We are class Lg3d. We're from Zevenaar, The Netherlands.

We are happy to give you a tour through our school. Enjoy!


In case the video doens't work, use this link:



Contributions Challenge 1:


Hi everybody! 


There are only 5 students in the drawing class of miss Buursink, who's involved in this Learning Circle. Two of them were eager to contribute to challenge 1 with a cartoon about one of the children rights. The first is Maureen (she's a very talented girl when it comes to drawing by the way!). She drew about the right for a safe environment for every child. Take a close look at the details:

  • The traffic-sign in her pupils
  • The tears that form the word STOP
  • Her bruised face 
  • The fighting people with different brains
  • Off course her cry for help written on her t-shirt.  


By Maureen


Enrico Bertuccioli from the Cartoon Movement has made his version of Maureens drawing. It looks like this:



The next cartoon is made by the teacher herself (who isn't all that talented when it comes to drawing ;-)). It is also about every child's right to be excluded from a dangerous environment. If there could only be a glass bubble where we could keep them safe in a warzone...



And here is the Cartoon Movement-version by Gezienus Bruining:

And another one from Arwa Moukbel from Yemen:




Siham Zebiri has drawn the next one. So nice to see all the different interpretations of one idea!



See ya!


Gislaine made two poems about the right to a home and the right to health. In Dutch we call these poems Elfjes (it means eleven) because they are written by a certain structure. They have to contain eleven words. The first line contains one word, second line two words, third line, three words, forth line (you can guess) four words en finaly the last line just one word.




Feedback from: 2 havo - Grundel Lyceum Hengelo

We think it’s very nice school with very nice people. You have a very nice school and we like the windows in the gym. Dewi and Quinty
The first drawing gives a good idea of how some girls feel and what they are dealing with. The second drawing shows us that there are many wars in which girls are included in. They are well made. Feedback from Chris 
Nice drawings and nice decoration on the lockers in the video clip. The school looks very nice! Jonas
We think the clip was very well made. From the outside the school looks big and pretty. The lockers are very funny painted. The drawings are very nice and the stories in the drawings are good. Sam, Jan Willem and Cedric.
I really liked all the drawings since they were so well made, your children really do have artistic talent! The one that Maureen made really looks alive, it looks very emotional, complements to her. Mert It’s a beautiful school and very big. The drawings on the learning circle are very beautiful, bye from Silke, Marly en Sari 2H1 Grundel Lyceum.


Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)



  We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group:
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Contributions Challenge 2:


Hi everybody, it is a bit late, but we had a May school break and after this break the kids went one week on a school camp. But here is our contribution! We did some research about child labour and talked about this in class. One of the students, Lucas van Uem, made a power point presentation about our discussion and findings! We also made a small movie about child labour. In this movie we use pictures to show the importance of fighting child labour. The music we use is made by a Dutch artist called Marco Borsato who dedicated al profits from this song to War Child! The song is about young children that must go to war and fight like soldiers. He sings that one day it will be peace again and the world will become a playground..... lets hope he is right!You can watch the movie on this wiki, or on YouTube:  






Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)




Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)



We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group: 
                                                      on .............. date 

                                                       at .............. pm/am








Comments (3)

Manon van Herwijnen said

at 8:39 am on Apr 12, 2016

Wonderful how cartoonist Enrico is inspired by Maureens drawing! Congratulations to her.
Be proud and keep up the good work with your class!

Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 8:39 am on Apr 11, 2016

Dear participants,
thank you for the meaningful drawings. They are impressive.

Manon van Herwijnen said

at 10:18 am on Feb 26, 2016

Thank you, students from Zevenaar, for this very Dutch intro! Welcome and good luck.
On the move for children's rights!

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