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Hope School

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Hello Everyone


This is Our group, their names are


Tarrynn Minnaar,



Ashley Malaton,


Nhlanhla Nyabsane




Thurston van Schalkwyk


we are from South Africa, we go to a school called Hope School, It's a school for special needs children, South Africa is a very nice and beautiful place, and fulled with Nature, especially where out school is located, it's located ontop aof a mountain.


South Africa is a very beautiful place that is a must see, when you travel and visit, it is  nice to talk to you.


My Name is Tarrynn Minnaar, I am 22 years old, I have been part of the global teenager project or GTP since 2014, and I have grown knowledgeable since then about all the different topics and enjoyed working with the group, I am the I.T. Assistant (Information Technology Assistant) as well as a computer classroom assistant, I have been assisting the GTP group of Hope School for some time, be it with internet issues which we have a lot of due to poor reception and signal in the area, I am very tall, standing at 6 foot 4 inches or 1,93 m tall, I am a part-time poet, an aspiring photographer and at the moment when I have a bit of time on my hand I try and study, the studies that I do varies between Japanese because I want to visit Japan sometime soon as well as travel the world, the other subjects that I am learning is HTML as well as Python Programming but I don’t have much time to study it because of work


We are very excited to work on the new side of GTP along with the Skype calls, the rap songs and poems and many other activities.



Contributions Challenge 1:


Assignment 3



Asignment 2


I am not safe….

I am not safe

My parents lock me up in this place

I am in a wheelchair

Do my parents still care?


I am not safe

To my family I am disgrace

Bruises and scars….

On my face


I am not safe

I am not what my parents want to see

This is not who I wanted to be


My neighbourhood is not safe ….

But far more better then my home




Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)




Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)



  We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group:
                                                        on .............. date 

                                                         at .............. pm/am



Contributions Challenge 2:





Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)




Feedback from: (add name of the group or class that gives feedback)



We are having a Skype meeting with .............. group: 
                                                      on .............. date 

                                                       at .............. pm/am




                              hello to the jury of GTP we would like to say that we are:

                              Thurston,Nhlanhla,Ashley, we are group 11 from Hope school a school in South Africa we have learnt a lot about childrens right and that children are                                 vulnerable and  GTP has been an interesting journey and 









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Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 2:42 pm on Mar 10, 2016

Thank you for the Introductions. Please add a photos, we are so curious to see your group.

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